Why our parallel selves probably don’t exist.

The parallel universe theory states that parallel universes are significantly similar but have a fundamental difference. Although the mere probability of these universes being significantly similar isn’t a strong foundation for a theory in my opinion, I am more interested in the concept of parallel selves.

Let’s assume there’s a parallel universe that’s home to my parallel self. On what basis can one say that she is a parallel version of me? The (probable) fact that we share a nearly or completely identical face or body? But what does my body have anything to do with my identity or the essence of who I am? After all, I am but a conglomeration of all the parts of me that aren’t visible or tangible. One’s physical appearance therefore, can’t be used to justify or prove the existence of one’s parallel self.

The only other option left is one’s mind, more specifically how it works.

I strongly believe that no matter what, no two minds in this ginormous universe or multiverse for that matter can ever be exactly similar. Why? Because we are all mostly a collection of all that we have experienced. In other words, with one experience missing from our life, we or rather our values, beliefs, views, etc could be completely different compared to the ones we have right now.

Since a parallel universe has at least 1 fundamental difference, the experiences it offers would be different which in turn, would produce a different me. If you still believe that this parallel self has anything to do with me, then in that case, wouldn’t everyone be a parallel version of me? Since all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration and we are all just one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively? (as said by Bill Hicks)

I like to think of this consciousness as a huge brain, now divide this brain into billions of tiny brains that are each capable of functioning independently, that’s us or our consciousness as individuals.

Since we’re all just one consciousness split into different bodies, aren’t we all parallel versions of each other then?

cogito ergo sum